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Welcome! I'm Aki, nice to meet you!

Hello! My name is Aki and I'm a Canadian Twitch streamer from Edmonton, AB.

Over the past year I've mainly been streaming Genshin Impact, however I am currently starting my journey into the realm of Pokemon TCG Live Breaks! WILL I PULL MORE CHARIZARDS?? Come visit me on Twitch to find out!

Apart from Genshin and Live Breaks, I recently started streaming Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, and Yakuza 0. I also enjoy playing farming/sims like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, and hosting community game nights for my viewers.

Apart from streaming, I also enjoy anime, music (you'll see lots of random singing during streams), voice acting, and of course FOOD!

Come join me on my adventures and general shenanigans!

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Donations are absolutely not expected, but always greatly appreciated! If you're feeling a little extra generous, then you can also support me!

All proceeds will go towards helping my steam, whether it's through buying new equipment, more games, in-stream/genshin gatcha (lol), commissioning artists, giveaways, and more!