Country Coco's Fried Chicken - Single Combo: Regular Chicken + Joomuk bob

Country Coco's Fried Chicken - Single Combo: Regular Chicken + Joomuk bob

Today's post is the 3-piece fried chicken combo from Country Coco's in south Edmonton.


Honestly Country Coco ranks as within my top 3 places in the city for Korean Fried Chicken. It's a hidden gem, on the South side of Edmonton, with a super cute interior! In addition to regular tables and booths, they have additional, more private booths designed like little shop fronts on the outside so you feel like you're on a small street in Korea!


I ended up getting the Single Combo that came with 5 pieces of chicken, a bit of coleslaw, and a side of fries or joomuk bop.



Prior to this I had actually never had joomuk bop before or seen it offered as a side. Joomuk bop for those of you who haven't had it, it is a riceball with seasonings like sesame seeds and seaweed bits, mixed with a bit of sesame oil and mayo! While being delicious on it's own, with it's mild flavour it still worked as a counter part to the chicken. Safe to say that it has now become one of my favorite things to get with my chicken and to make at home when I am craving a simple but delicious late night snack.




The chicken itself was ridiculously crispy and flavourful on the outside but surprisingly not oily despite how juicy it was on the inside. I just got the regular chicken to try, but I found that the seasoning was fragrant and balanced. Since visiting the restaurant I've actually ordered it for take out, and despite the drive back home, I'm glad to say their chicken was still crispy!


 korean fried chicken


I found this portion was a great size for me, without ordering additional sides but next time I dine-in, I'd like to try their seasoned fries (sweet butter/swing cheese), and corn cheese! I'm hoping I'll get the chance to dine-in soon and bring friends so that I can try the other flavours that they have available!