Aki's 3 Year Anniversary Celebration Subathon

Welcome to Aki's 3k Followers Celebration Subathon!


How the subathon works:

I will be streaming for 24 hours and every subathon point adds 2 minutes to the stream! To a maximum of 48 hours of active streaming. After the initial 24 hours, I will be taking extended breaks as needed however any time spent on break will not be counted towards the active stream time.

How to earn subathon points?

1 T1/T2/T3 sub = 1/2/5 subathon point(s)
500 bits = 1 subathon point
$5 dono = 1 subathon point


Are there group incentives?:

Yes! I have plenty of group incentives planned, as well as some individual incentives! These incentives are in place to to recognize and thank you all for all the love and support!



We also have a few silly "stretch goals" just for fun! Most of these are made by chat or are honestly just "for the memez" lmao


Okay, the group incentives are fun but are there any individual incentives?

Yes again! I want to make sure to thank those who go above and beyond to support me ♥


That's great but do I get anything if I am a top contributor?

Yessir, as I have been talking about (and working on) getting merch produced, I felt what better way to thank my top contributors as a way to show my appreciation for being the ones who do the most ♥ I appreciate you all so much! So I expanded my prize from being only to the top contributor to having prizes for being on the leaderboard/top 3.


All 3 top contributors will receive a signed master set of my 2nd set of collectable business cards!

Thank you for taking the time to celebrate my birthday me! It means the world and I am so grateful for each and every one of you. We've come so far and I am so excited for where we will be in the future! Thank you so much for joining me on my journey ♥